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I have blogged off to YouTube in last 8 months

By | November 8th, 2017|Videos|

Time to change. This year. To video content. You can find my last 8 months content here: https://www.youtube.com/user/winninghabitsnz Forty videos there, from my takes, to tips to interviewing local business owners re their stories. Alternatively you can click [...]

In a sea of no’s, touch them, they are your buoys

By | January 26th, 2017|Business, Habits, Leadership, Motivational, Productivity|

Adrift in a sea of rejection. Lost and lonely. Touch the buoys labelled 'no' around you. They are everywhere so you might as well. If you see and feel the light of your purpose, they are signaling the path [...]

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What people say…

“From a personal point of view, the journey over recent months was not the easiest of my life but the outcomes are worth every bit of the pain and discomfort. As an individual the personal growth and also the regaining of the lost elements when life is in that downward spiral have been fantastic. Where I used to see problems, challenges, issues and blame I now see the way I used to, opportunity, ways forward, solutions and the confidence to lean forward into the unknown. Thank you Chris for shinning a light when the way looked dark, supporting in those frustrating times and laying out the challenges that move you from the familiar to growth”
“After reading Chris’ articles in NZ Business and Management magazine I realised that he could be someone to help me through a very difficult time in my career. Following many phone chats, a face to face meeting and a number of Skype sessions, Chris gave me the confidence I needed to take control of the situation. He helped me to remember what was important in my life and this resulted in me making some big decisions. Without Chris’ support I would have still been firmly stuck in that rut but now I am happier, significantly less stressed, and excited about the future. Chris doesn’t tell you what to do, rather he helps you to tell yourself what you need to do, which is incredibly valuable and far more powerful than any self-help book.”
“Working with Chris is thought provoking and insightful. He challenges you by poking in the dark recesses and allowing you to start bring light into those places. He is an excellent coach in that he makes you confront the brutal facts, gives you some points to consider and then guides you through the thought process. Would I recommend him and his skills, damn right I would. An all round good bugger that can work with many levels and the moods that coaching busy professionals entails.”
“Chris Taylor is one of those people who challenges your thinking and behaviours in a powerful and sometimes confronting way.  High Performance, we all want that, but achieving it takes the courage to confront “what is” and take your personal leadership to another level.  Chris’ knowledge in this area means he gets his message across very cleverly.  He doesn’t deliver the usual serving of “leadership” do’s and don’ts. Chris has the ability to quickly connect with people and the business.  His lively and fast paced style has engaged our leadership team and we are delighted with the enthusiasm and appetite for change we are seeing back at the leadership table.  The leadership team are keen to continue the relationship we have with Chris which is a huge credit to him.”
“I have attended 2 Winning Habits seminar sessions with Chris Taylor and first I thoroughly enjoyed sharing ideas and methods with similarly time-challenged business people, very enlightening. Secondly I have gained huge improvement in my own well being as well as that for my business by using techniques I have learnt from Chris. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to working together on a coaching basis for the future.”
“His dedication to doing things professionally and taking time to analyse a situation or a fast moving deal or tender has been a major plus for me. As an entrepreneur at times the rush to get your idea to market gets in the way of logical thought processes and Chris has been able to work with me at my level. He asks me the tough questions to get my ideas in the best shape for market. This has helped me avoid potential pitfalls that otherwise I would not have seen.”
“I have been working with Chris recently and in that time he has helped me to re-evaluate the way I look at my business and myself. Chris has the ability to understand what was holding me back from achieving my goals and saw ways to overcome this, providing weekly tasks and ensuring I followed up on these. He made it all about me which I have never experienced before. I’d recommend Chris to anyone who is willing to step out of their comfort zone and who wants to better themselves, not only in their business but personally as well.”
“Chris has helped me identify what I needed to work on to achieve personal and business goals and essentially have a happier work life balance. I have come along way in the last 12 months and have created a workplace I now actually enjoy coming to and a pathway for me personally so that I can have a happier life.”
Perrin Jones, Owner, Peka Ltd
“Chris has no barriers regarding how high you wish to aim and is motivational without being overbearing. He is able to pick up on any hesitation when discussing the possibilities ahead and then work through that. He will outline achievable steps, week by week, month by month. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris to anyone wanting to bring clarity and direction to their business.”
“With help from Chris, my business had an expert pair of eyes looking in from the outside, taking out the emotional view that one holds in their own business and clearly being able to see it’s true financial picture, what was working and what was a liability and needing attention.  Chris is a great sounding board for ideas and plans moving forward if you are serious about building your business.”
“Chris performs at a pace that suits our busy work week, and we absolutely see and feel the value in working together with him to help us deliver our dream business. He has a firm but fair way of driving our accountability which we need to keep us all on track and he challenges our thinking in a creative way. We would encourage anyone who is seeking to grow their business to take the time to talk with Chris.”
Nathan and Jenny Maxwell, Owners, CS Roofing Canterbury Ltd
“Chris Taylor is the kind of business coach who will quickly bring you to the place that will empower you to overcome long standing obstacles to growth. His keen focus enabled me to start the journey…and this is the best any coach can offer. We must all walk the path ourselves. It is the role of the teacher to show us the way with compassion and clarity. Chris possesses both, and I highly recommend his services.”