Who Am I?

I am a mindset and performance coach on developing and sustaining Winning Habits. I worked in engineering for twenty years in UK and NZ chiefly in consulting engineering and gave this away in 2011/12 to find another place. The place being driven by a calling to be more engaged with people and teams to enable them to perform, repeatedly, at a high level.

The habits idea is anchored in my belief system that we are all our habits, from how we dream, think, behave, talk and lead. Once a purpose focussed routine is established the sky is the limit. My purpose is for individuals, teams and organizations to be exceptional.

These days with coaching I focus on calling it early and core results. Coaching is all about change and results. Also, “How do we know we are done?” Yes the exit. Once we are there we are complete, unless another weed grows. Tangibility and validation is key here to avoid the twilight zone.

The majority of sector specific work has been in engineering, construction and professional services. Being a former engineer I have played in that sandpit – seen the good the bad and the ugly – and now play in the coaching sandpit drawing on this experience.

In the flow I have a challenging and progressive style so if you do not want to be challenged, I am not the one for you. Change requires challenge as part of the equation, without this there may be no breakthrough to reality.

Personal development is crucial for learning and experience expansion, with three key events and trainings in 2019.

Work is only one part of my life, having four children and a professional working partner. I prioritise quality time with the people I value to hang out with including getting outdoors, keeping fit and socializing.

Winning Habits Vision 2019+

Our vision is to organically build a team of like minded, values aligned coaches to serve businesses and individuals in their growth to excellence. Our purpose is for you to be the exceptional you.

We work together in the spirit of interdependence and team based learning collaborate and share for a genuine 1+1=5.

We seek diversity in our coaches skills base to meet and exceed clientele needs be that in leadership, inner mind world, team, strategy, health and wellbeing space. We build and extend on skills already developed and / or seek to foster new skill area growth. The development choice is team member motivated to fit with the skills diversity vision of Winning Habits.

We internally train coaches to a standard whereby they are equipped for the market to thrive. To build resilience and self learning to grow in the profession.

We have a transparent share equity model for all to contribute, share in to and benefit. We get out of the model what we put in. A key value here is ownership and responsibility for each members growth, development and success.

We constantly develop our coaches by on boarding key learnings and trainings with each team member having an active personal development and experiential plan in place. We share training learnings to team learning to multiply value of any invested training. 

We select team members on values and attitude first.

Starting in Christchurch, we seek to build the brand and team throughout New Zealand and beyond.

If you are curious about becoming a Winning Habits Coach, get in touch with Chris Taylor on ++64+21-708751, Chris@winninghabits.co.nz

  • Live with courage and self discipline
  • Be true to yourself and those around you
  • Serve others

Some of my highlights

For you to be the the exceptional you.
  • Greatest life achievement – my four children
  • Career high – doing what I am doing now, every day
  • Acts of service – contact with my Age Concern community members.
I believe we are all our habits, the sum of our habits. What we enjoy, what we create, the partner we may or may not end up with. Everything. At the end of the day worthy lives and achievements are creating through habits, with often perseverance, self-discipline and resilience being the most important. In business this is also important to achieve.

Academic Qualifications, Higher Education:

BSc (Hons), Process Technology and Management, South Bank University, London UK (1992)

MSc, Environmental Engineering, Newcastle University UK (1993)

Coaching, Leadership Certifications & Training;

Belbin Team Roles Practicioner (http://www.belbin.com/). https://youtu.be/N7PK2Ikbl2o

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practicioner c/o Dr R Bolstad, Transformations International Coaching and Consulting Ltd

Team Alchemy Facilitator-Coach (https://www.teamalchemysystem.com/). https://youtu.be/LwGgWvQKsaQ

Emotional Intelligence (EI) Accredited, Genos International Model (https://www.genosinternational.com) c/o Opra Psychology Group https://www.opragroup.com

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) c/o www.mindwise.co.nz

Dare To Lead™ Trained, https://daretolead.brenebrown.com, c/o Boma New Zealand Ltd

Professional Memberships and Associations:

Certified Professional Member, National Speakers Association New Zealand (NSANZ)

President, NSANZ Christchurch Branch. Junior Vice President NSANZ.

Member, Global Speakers Federation (GSF).

Member and IPP, Toastmasters Victoria Club.