Who Am I?

Chris was born and brought up in the North East of England (Newcastle upon-Tyne). Yes, a ‘Geordie’. Having studied in London and at home in Newcastle in the early 1990s, then working for ten years in the engineering sector, Chris came to New Zealand in 2003 at 33 years old to start a new life. Initially based in Auckland, he has lived and worked in Christchurch from 2004. In 2012 Chris finally decided it was time for a change away from engineering and decided to thread through his passion for people, relationships and delivering excellence in to business and personal coaching with Winning Habits.
  • Live with courage and self discipline
  • Be true to yourself and those around you
  • Serve others

Some of my highlights

For you to be the the exceptional you.
  • Greatest life achievement – my four children
  • Career high – doing what I am doing now, every day
  • Acts of service – contact with my Age Concern community members.
I believe we are all our habits, the sum of our habits. What we enjoy, what we create, the partner we may or may not end up with. Everything. At the end of the day worthy lives and achievements are creating through habits, with often perseverance, self-discipline and resilience being the most important. In business this is also important to achieve.

Academic Qualifications, Higher Education:

BSc (Hons), Process Technology and Management, South Bank University, London UK (1992)

MSc, Environmental Engineering, Newcastle University UK (1993)

Coaching, Leadership Certifications & Training;

Belbin Team Roles Practicioner (http://www.belbin.com/). https://youtu.be/N7PK2Ikbl2o

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practicioner c/o Dr R Bolstad, Transformations International Coaching and Consulting Ltd

Team Alchemy Facilitator-Coach (https://www.teamalchemysystem.com/). https://youtu.be/LwGgWvQKsaQ

Emotional Intelligence (EI) Accredited, Genos International Model (https://www.genosinternational.com) c/o Opra Psychology Group https://www.opragroup.com

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) c/o www.mindwise.co.n

Professional Memberships and Associations:

Certified Professional Member, National Speakers Association New Zealand (NSANZ)

President, NSANZ Christchurch Branch. Junior Vice President NSANZ.

Member, Global Speakers Federation (GSF).

Member and IPP, Toastmasters Victoria Club.