Below are a few comments from my clients

“I am very lucky and blessed to be mentored by Chris, a person who helped me a lot to develop my communication and leadership skills. He is such an attentive person and such a great professional. I am thankful for having the opportunity to know him and work with him.”
“Chris gave me the tools to turnaround a challenged client relationship. He challenged my mindset and empowered me to find a solution to the contibuting issues. The skillset I have gained in the time I have worked with Chris has developed me into a more effective leader which will have longevity throughout my career. What I like about Chris is he is a coach who genuinely cares about his clientele and will take the time to get to know you on both a personal and professional level. He won’t give you the answers, but his insights will challenge you to dig deep and find the solution. I would highly recommend Chris especially to those who have plateaued or looking to increase their performance.”
“Since engaging with Chris, he has helped us come up with a clear sense of direction and refine our vision. Holding us accountable, and providing the tools and motivation to drive forward in a proactive and positive manner. Our business and personal lives have benefited immensely from our change in thinking, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris as an effective business coach and team building expert.”
“Chris is without a doubt the best mentor I’ve had. When I first came to see him I was unclear about how I could proceed with my speaking and now I have a clear outline about what I’m talking about. He gave me exercises to figure out what it was I was trying to say. Every time I come and see him I leave feeling inspired. He is full of nuggets of wisdom. I would 100% recommend him as a coach and mentor. I am looking forward to continuing our mentoring and seeing my speaking business flourish.”
“Chris has helped me both at a personal and professional level over the last twelve months. I have found him a great coach with a knack for identifying the root cause of issues. He doesn’t tell me what to do but helps me develop solutions myself, that are practical and useable. He is also strong enough to challenge me around the discipline needed to make change.”
“Do you wish to think differently about your business and leadership style? Then I suggest that you engage with Chris and I guarantee that your thinking will expand. There is tremendous value in having a business coach with Chris’s skills, ask questions, challenge assumptions, offer recommendations and support as you navigate your way through your business world.”
“Chris came into my life in a pivotal moment and truly challenged my thinking about my career and its direction. From Chris’s sessions I have been able to develop greater clarity about my skills and how to utilise them in a far more effective way. Chris has been able to get me to develop a greater self-belief about myself that I never really had before. He has a superb knack of knowing how to challenge me, pushing the right buttons and making me think simply but also out of the square. There probably isn’t a day where I have situations where the skills and learnings that Chris has given me that I apply to not only my professional but personal life. He is an outstanding soundboard as he simply listens, I am very lucky for having him entering my life.”
“Chris is a guy who will help you define where you want to go, as an company or as a leader. He will definitely challenge and drive you to make the changes rather than finding yourself just talking about it year on year. If you want a bit of direction and accountability toward your goals, Chris has the tools and approach to make this happen.”
Chris has a great skill and that is the ability to spot something out of place and challenge you to challenge yourself.”
“Chris and I have worked together on establishing the foundation for his idea of the Heroes of Change series. The premise for the series simply being to have discussions with people on their personal relationship with change and the success that can come from dealing with it effectively. Throughout my time working with Chris I have always felt respected and free to speak the truth. Chris is extremely adaptable to change himself and it is reflected through his ambitions and forward thinking. Any opportunity to work alongside Chris should not be taken for granted as he is a great listener with much wisdom to bestow. With great ideas, Chris pushes you to think beyond your own capability – an advocate for self improvement.”
“Chris is an excellent guiding hand and support to me as I transition my business from a job to a business that helps make my life better and in the process something that will be sustainable for the future, whatever that may hold? Chris is intuitive and respectful of what I want whilst still shining some light upon the path that I am taking, even when I have a change of direction or focus he is supportive and a great sounding board for me and my team. Chris has also helped to facilitate some team building initiatives for both the management team and also our entire building team. This has enabled me to help share my vision for the future. I still have some way to go in my transition from a builder with a good building business into an owner of a great building company, but I know I have a strong and supportive business strategist who is focussed on the bigger picture and helping me unlock what I want out of this business and in fact life in general.

Thanks for your work so far Chris but I know we still have a lot of work to do but I know look forward to it. Bring it on!!”

“Chris’s coaching really helped me to be bold and move forward; despite uncertainty, and to implement strategies to effectively overcome patterns that had held me back for a long time. Through astute questions and professional coaching that allowed me to uncover my own answers, Chris enabled me to fully explore possibilities and gain clarity about exciting possibilities for my future and turn knowing into doing.”
“I met Chris at a Toastmasters club meeting about six months ago. Since then, we have caught up on a regular basis where he has been mentoring me to become a better motivational speaker. With his many years of coaching and public speaking, I am amazed at what I learn at each meeting. He has helped smooth out my silly little habits that I did not even know I had and bit by bit I am becoming more professional. I am glad I bumped into him and I am excited to pick at his genius brain and steal every bit of knowledge he has to offer. Give him a call, you will not regret it. Thanks Chris for all of your help.”
“Chris is an experienced and energetic coach and trainer, with a great sense of humour. He understands the challenges professionals face when taking on leadership roles and has practical learning outcomes tailored for their development. I recommend Chris’s services to boost performance, culture and leadership.”
Julia Shallcrass, Owner, Kiwiboss Ltd
“Chris and I share a passion for mentoring, teamwork, and for the need to change our way of thinking. I have found Chris to be an honest, straight speaking, and deeply intuitive guy. I could not recommend Chris more highly as a business mentor and coach.”
“I have known Chris for about 10 years, firstly as a fellow design professional and more recently as a coach/trainer/team builder. I interact with Chris regularly in a business leaders forum which he has organized. Chris is unfailingly and relentlessly positive, easy to discuss all manner of topics with and a great lateral thinker. He is also unafraid of talking through difficult topics with the experience of having worked both sides of the fence. I recommend Chris to people who require those sorts of insight.”
“I engaged Chris in 2015/16 when I was running Arrows Christchurch business unit and he helped me meld the senior leadership team together. He provided challenging insight on the business, how I was operating and how I might improve. Made me think outside the box and to understand my people better. The Belbin team role test I found especially beneficial to understand individual team member strengths/weaknesses and build a plan to get the best from them. I recommend Chris as a business coach and mentor.”
“I have been working with Chris since starting my business Maison de Crepes 18 months ago. Chris has been an invaluable help as a business coach and has become a valuable friend. His coaching encouraged me to challenge myself, look at my my weaknesses and work on them, amplify my strengths and most importantly – hold me accountable for my actions or lack of action.

Chris has a unique talent for reading people and situations; he has a high EQ and can somehow reach in and identify the things we are scared to identify ourselves. He then works with you to overcome shortcomings and maximise your potential.

Because Chris effortlessly gets to know his clients personally, and to understand who they are as humans as well as business people, his results are magnified as he works with the whole picture, not just the business. We are after-all, people with frailties, insecurities, limiting beliefs and patterns and these affect our choices and decisions as business people. Chris connects with his clients at all these levels as well as fully understanding the financial, sales and marketing, HR and other business milestones that need to be analysed. Therefore he gets results other coaches, in my experience, cannot achieve.

I would recommend that anyone work with Chris if they want real results on both a business and personal level. He cares. Genuinely. And will be in your corner at all times, but be willing to put in the work and commit to his coaching process. Because you need to match Chris with his 100% commitment and dedication for it to be a truly successful coaching relationship.”

“I am always wary of “coaches” however I have found Chris great at listening and cutting to the core of issues. This combined with his wealth of knowledge means a well rounded, professional service. I can recommend and endorse Chris.”
“Chris is a determined individual who will go to great lengths to get a result. He is honest and up front so prepare to be challenged as he won’t let you take the easy route and avoid the uncomfortable truths. If you want to be held to account he is your man.”
“Chris has vast knowledge on business development which ties in nicely with his specialty of helping teams embody transformations and grow to their greatest potential The unique thing I’ve realized about Chris and his coaching skills is that he doesn’t show up with the answers. He asks valuable questions and digs deep into their answers to help the client uncover their own solutions. I’ve seen Chris lead successful business leaders to high levels of performance as well as role modeling that behavior himself with his own business. Chris is a valuable asset to any leadership team or individual who wants to take their performance to the next level.”
“Chris’s energetic style and unique perspective has allowed me review my personal and professional goals. I have found this process incredibly valuable, and I feel it has left me a better person, team member and boss.”
Jared Lane, CEO, AP Design Ltd
“I didn’t know what I was looking for or wanting out of going to a business coach, but have found in the sessions with Chris very rewarding and it made me think outside of the square. He asked me questions to get me thinking this way, like never before actually. You have been a great inspiration for me.  Thank you Chris.”
“I invited Chris to present at our registrar conference on presentation skills and team work under our professional core competencies. Feedback from the team was excellent – Chris provided an interactive session balancing enquiry, content placement and interaction. The team particularly connected with the segment on the secrets and angles to presenting. The impromptu speaking got the blood flowing for those lucky enough to be selected!

Secondly, Chris performed a Belbin Team Roles profile on three registrars. This was insightful for the registrars regarding how they viewed their team roles compared to other team members. It also provided insights in to how they work within a team environment. It is often too easy for doctors to focus on clinical skills and acquiring knowledge. However, having insight into our own personalities and how this may impact on others around us greatly impacts how health services can be delivered. Chris has an engaging, open style and encouraged active participation involving all those present.”

Dr Angela Butler MBChB FRACS,