Unleash your mindset into a world of possibilities.

Cut free from the anchors to deliver a meaningful life.

Anything is possible.

Professional coaching creates the environment for change and a new space for results. 

All top performers are or have been coached at some stage. Just take a look at the business world, the sports world or even the political world. It’s just a feature of the successful. End of.

The opportunity for coaching offers a pathway for change to lift attitude and performance of self. For leaders, this change can be mirror and reflected in team to leverage engagement and ultimately results, including the bottom line.

Bespoke design approach

Chris designs each engagement specifically to Client need to deliver maximum value and results. This follows an initial enquiry and consultation phase to elicit goals of the coaching interaction. Pivotally, to foster a goals and outcome mentality Chris asks: what do you want to hold at the end of the coaching process?

Proven methodologies

Chris’s coaching approach is a blend of established models – of which he has trained in – with his own personal twists.

Flexible options

Coaching is face to face or via video conferencing, based on weekly or fortnightly interactions of 60-75 mins with a three month minimum initial term. Coaching may be one on one or group (6-8 people).


Prerequisites for coaching are an open mind and a willingness to change. Note coaching may be uncomfortable from time to time when breaking through behaviour patterns. This is perfectly normal.

The following are typical areas of resolve to prompt coaching:

  • Personal Identity and / or image doubt; Self-confidence & self-esteem, wellbeing; Personal health (mental and physical),
  • Procrastination; Perfectionism; Anxiety & Fears; Mood Swings or other erratic emotive behaviors,
  • Communication effectiveness i.e. interpersonal / team; leadership style / impact / results.