There’s a lot of it around, BS, no doubt. So, why subscribe to it, perpetuate it, purvey it, eat it. It makes no sense at all. Pay no homage to BS, it will pull your pants down and spank you, it could even kill you.

No one wants it, actually

First one out of the blocks, no one wants it. Its useless and belongs on the bull paddock. Yep, right there. Zero value currency. If you feel and believe you want it go and see a psychiatrist tomorrow or better still today.

You will get sniffed out, if not today, tomorrow

You may think you are being smart, cunning even, but if you get sniffed out by a customer, business partner, colleague or friend, it is bad. Very bad. Worse still it can kill you on the spot. Trust bye bye, calibrated on the ‘BS Tolerance’ of the other party (my BST is zero by the way). ‘Ah its ok, its not that important anyway’ ‘It’s the first time we’ve caught him’ ‘She’s under pressure, and home life is not going well’ No no no no no. There are NO EXCUSES to spouting BS, unless of course you both inhabit the same bottom feeding BS zone, in which case you talk the same lingo and can hold your hands and perish together. Good riddance.

I can’t accept BS, so you will have to seek someone else who likes that stuff

In the coaching game you cannot accept BS. It must be called immediately and unrelentingly and not massaged. If you want to tread water and not look in the mirror of truth that’s fine, but don’t waste my time doing this. For me honesty and integrity is looking in that mirror and seeing all your glorious fallability, because I see that too (yes, me too). This is the humanist in all of us. Once you see that, then you can make a start to a better life. If you are smothered in denial and coated in BS, baked at 180 for 40 mins under fan bake, you really are the proverbial ticking time bomb. One bite and its all over rover.

Anecdotes from my travels

I have started working with a Client recently whose humility and honesty when we kicked off was stunning, inspiring, emotional, meteoric. He never thought he could say this stuff. But he did. He basically said I’m full of BS, excuses and procrastination and it has to stop. This was his epiphany. This chap was leading a double life and had done for several years. Outwardly one of integrity, a pillar of truth, an honourable and respectable business owner and family man. A good b!@#$%d as they say in NZ. Inside he was dying. Dying of hypocrisy, double standards. He did not believe the words coming out of his own mouth. But he confronted this disease head on. Why? Well, because it was strangling him, slowly but surely, every day. And now he’s made the biggest step. The first. Respect respect respect.

I know an eccentric dude who runs a engineering contracting company. He says openly ‘I don’t take BS and I don’t work for w!@#$%s’. He has an acute sense of value add and despises the industry shenanigans which he sees time in time out. He views things differently and has moved away from this. He is different. He thinks different. This guy has driven business growth upward of 30% this year alone. Sure not everyone will come on board and he won’t connect with everyone, who does, but he is in the position of forging a company mantra that operates in the mold of no BS. He says the more he tells those interested to !@#$-off, the more business he picks up. Unconventional, irrational even, but it works for him.  I don’t work for w!@#$%s. Love it.


  • If you are BS prone, stop, and look in the mirror. If you don’t like what you see start doing something about it. Today.
  • One sniff of it by those around you in your trust domain and you could be dead. Can you really risk that?
  • Don’t have any BS around you, in you business, your family, even you social life, in any shape or form. Get the shot gun out and blast it to smithereens. Smile while you do this.

Have a safe and happy Xmas and prosperous 2014. Chris