What actually are winning habits? Well, it is whatever you need to do, habitually, to propel you to deliver the result(s) that your heart, body and mind desires. Here are five examples of habits that I hold dear and endeavor to practice, day in, day out:

Be committed

Give it your all, commit, that means in every sense – mind, body and soul. Once you have that goal set be it a business, relationship or sporting achievement, engage the big C, pin your ears back and don’t look back. When you are committed in business it shows, it reflects, it shines from your being. You attract those around you when you are committed, you are professional, serious, unabating. Commit to being committed.

Be consistent

Consistency in your behavior is essential, it is actually non negotiable. Consistency is particularly important in the perception of those around you, especially after relationship inception where you seek trust. Inconsistency disables trust as those around you feel you are unpredictable, they just don’t know where you are coming from. If you are in a business networking group, make it part of your working week, put it in your calendar and go every week. Don’t go to the flakey world of excuse alley. If you are in and out people will see you as an in and out type of person. Would you do business with an in and out person?

Be pro active

Get on the front foot, look ahead, plan your activity and push over those hurdles and swing in (and out) of the dips. They are only hurdles and dips when you see them as being such, rather see them as opportunities to build your resistance, learning and skin thickness. Always keep those eyes and ears open to take your pro activity to the next level. Don’t procrastinate in thought, action is where it is at. So how are you going to raise your pro activity next week?

Be above the line

You’ve heard it before ‘keep it above the line’. No one wants to hear whingers, critics or cynics. These people are black, non creative and suck the energy and vitality from those around them. When you are above the line those around you see your positive energy and they are drawn to you, that can do attitude. Who is drawn to a cynic? Exactly. NB check out Flip It by Michael Heppell for more on this.

Last and most, be you

Yes that’s right. Be you. Don’t be anyone else. When you are you, it shows. When people see the real you, they see a human, with all the warts and jewels. When they see the human and the being, they will see someone they have empathy with. Why? Because they are exactly the same. They have warts and jewels too.