It all starts with a conversation

As home page if this web site I offer a free thirty minutes consultation for all services. So, give me a ring or send an e mail to sync this up. You can also use the YouCanBookMe link. I will come back to you in 12 hours, guaranteed.

For coaching this time is important to elicit your coachability, however sometimes it may take a little longer. At the end of this thirty minutes I make the call on this.

Your goals

For all services I focus on developing a real connection with you and / or your organisation, to understand fully what you want, whether coaching, speaking or training and team building with ACE Team crew. If you are unsure what you are after we go through a simple goal setting process.

All services target maximum value return for you.


Once an exciting value proposition for us is communicated, with all agreements signed and fees paid, we agree a date / time / venue for the service delivery. Note often an agreement is not necessary – I don’t get hung up on contracts – this is sealed on a shake of the hand.

Then the fun starts we do it!