Inspiring and entertaining topics for your next event, Heroes of Change & Winning Habits

Heroes of Change

In 2018 Chris interviewed 50+ global figures on the topic of change. These are in studio and on line interviews – see blog post entries on this web site.

Heroes of Change explore how human thinking and action can lift us to amazing heights and explores:

  • psychology of change
  • journey of change
  • go to’s to support and uplift change
  • how to break procrastination
  • fast change vs slow change

Why Heroes of Change at your event?

  • To inspire you with stories of change from the real world and how you can too
  • To model and create the hero in you to serve your business, whanau or community
  • To open you mind to the possibilities for change, as the first step to a new you


Winning Habits, do you want to win?

Chris has been coaching for over seven years in this space and in addition to his training and development has his own approach and success formula. Install the formula with merciless discipline and you will get better results, it is just inevitable.

In 2019 Chris will launch his on line training program in Winning Habits – watch this space.

Target audiences for Chris to speak at

  • Corporate organisations
  • Sales based organisations
  • Engineering organisations

What can Chris do for your event?

  • Keynote speaking
  • Plenary workshops and seminars
  • Emceeing including debate hosting

How do I book Chris?

Get in touch for a conversation to start off to see if we are a fit for your event goals and outcomes.